Dear all,

Lately I have been struggling to manage my personal life, school and blogging and it is not getting any better with the start of my internship. So I’ve decided, since I am starting a new chapter of my life, it is time to make some changes: it is the end of TEANDVOGUE.
I am not deleting it since it is more than 2 years of learning, sharing ideas and creating memories.
Plus, since I will not have to focus on my blog anymore, I will be more active on my Pinterest and Instagram account and try to bring those two babies to a new level. Stay tuned and I thank you all for your loyalty and wish you all the best.

You’ve stimulated and motivated me for over two years, thank you for that!

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Feinest Labels Press days

During my home bound at the beginning of May I had the pleasure to attend Feinest Labels’ press days in Antwerp.
That’s something that frustrates me since I have moved to Paris, there are so many events I am not able to attend because they are in Belgium so I really felt blessed I got to go to this one.

I had a great time discovering brands I didn’t know before. I especially love discovering new, small designers that have a whole universe and identity to offer and this is what Feinest Labels is all about.

There are two brands I totally fell in love with: From Warsaw and Nude Diamond.

From Warsaw is a ready-to-wear brand made by a Polish designer that lives in Belgium. The brand is all about timeless and comfortable pieces, offering monochromatic looks and clean design. Definitely pieces worth investing in.

Is there need to say that Nude Diamond is about jewelry and diamonds? The jewels they offer are really discrete but thanks to diamond it’s impossible not to notice those shiny, delicate, feminine pieces.

Enough said, let’s discover the pictures. 

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