IMG_20141029_194816-1 Yesterday I enjoyed some lunch with dad at Mems, a restaurant near to Canal Saint-Martin. I just love this area, so many little cafés and boutiques. I love just walking along the canal, it’s so peaceful – not as crowded as the rest of Paris.

If you go to the canal make sur to swing by rue de Marseille and rue Beauperaire where you will find many outlet stores such as Bel Air, Maje, Les Petits and Ekyog. You might be able to make some great deals!

I am thinking of starting an « Addresses in Paris » section since I never stop discovering amazing places in my new hometown! So many brands I discovered and wanna share with you guys. Even though Paris is a big city it is all about new and young designers and brands in the city of love. Forget about the giants of the retail industry. It’s an endless discovery.

Lunch and a walk were the perfect combo before working on my school project. Amazing week so far!

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20 outfits to keep you inspired this Fall


It’s the second half of October already, the wind gets colder, the leaves are falling and a hot chocolate is always welcome!

At the beginning of a new season I am always excited to change the piles in my wardrobe and start creating new outfits but this excitement generally fades after two weeks or in the best case after a month.
As from then my mornings are haunted with the same question everyday: « What shall I wear today? »
Of course it takes me way too much time before I figure it out, plus I always end up wearing option one of the five options I just tried on – so frustrating -.

I am guessing I am not the only one facing the lack-of-inspiration-for-Fall-outfits-problem – don’t joke, this is a serious problem, it is not like I can just head the street naked or something -.
So I thought I would share 20 outfits to keep you inspired this Fall! ;)

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