20 outfits to keep you inspired this Fall


It’s the second half of October already, the wind gets colder, the leaves are falling and a hot chocolate is always welcome!

At the beginning of a new season I am always excited to change the piles in my wardrobe and start creating new outfits but this excitement generally fades after two weeks or in the best case after a month.
As from then my mornings are haunted with the same question everyday: « What shall I wear today? »
Of course it takes me way too much time before I figure it out, plus I always end up wearing option one of the five options I just tried on – so frustrating -.

I am guessing I am not the only one facing the lack-of-inspiration-for-Fall-outfits-problem – don’t joke, this is a serious problem, it is not like I can just head the street naked or something -.
So I thought I would share 20 outfits to keep you inspired this Fall! ;)

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